Business Phone Solutions

Being a business owner is hard. Finding the right business phone solutions shouldn’t be. Laser Action Plus is your local expert in Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone solutions. With a range of plans and services, we’ve got a VoIP package that works for your business. Small or large, new or old, we’ve got a business phone solution that will revolutionize your communication. We offer a variety of VOIP systems with features like faxing, integration with other business systems, support for mobile devices, and more.
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Conference Room Phones

A conference room phone is a business necessity. So to have the best business, you need the best conference room phone! Our conference room phone catalog is full of the newest models and most effective equipment. Staying up to date with IT hardware is important, and with our conference room phones, you can ensure that you are always using the latest in conference room phone technology.

Hosted Business Phones

If your business is reliant on phone traffic, having an effective business phone system is important. Laser Action Plus is ready to help. You’ll get a reliable, high quality phone system that produces crystal clear quality every time. And it’s scalable! Businesses of all sizes can find the perfect hosted business solution with VoIP from Laser Action Plus.
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Office Phones

Having great hosted business phones means nothing if you don’t have the office phones to back it up! Shop the latest office phone models and see the changes in your company’s functionality! We also offer a wide range of affordable office phone solutions that work for any business size. They’re high quality and effective, so you can ensure that your business is communicating with ease!

Business Phone Services for Small Businesses

You don’t have to be a big business to invest in high-quality phone solutions! We have business phone services for businesses of all sizes. With scalable VoIP services and a wide variety of office, business and conference room phones, there’s always something that is perfect for your team and your budget. Contact us today to find the business phone solution that works for you!

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